Limousine and Chauffeur Vehicle Insurance

These days, more and more chauffeur vehicle services are delivered by franchised owner-drivers. Whether you are an owner- driver or the manager of a fleet of charter vehicles and coaches, the need for insurance cover that reflects the complex web of liabilities you face is paramount.

Several factors distinguish charter vehicle insurance from ordinary motor vehicle cover. At GSK we have brokers who specialise in this field, and can tailor custom insurance solutions for all the business models at play.

As a professional limousine or coach driver, your annual mileage is likely to be far higher than that of the private driver. Insurers are always interested in the driving history of the drivers they cover, but particularly so in the case of hire car drivers, with their extensive liabilities.

Here at GSK our team includes experts in all aspects of motor insurance. A call to them sets in train the process of getting you the optimum cover for your particular business model.

We analyse your operation, to identify the risks to which it exposes you. We then use our access to the Australian and World insurance markets to tailor a cover package that provides balanced protection at optimum rates.

Obtaining optimum cover is only the start. Your GSK Insurance Brokers remains your sole point of contact, there to assist you in maintaining optimum cover. And should it ever be necessary to make a claim, your chauffeur insurance broker will be on hand when you need help most, to get you back in operation with the minimum of delay.

Insure your vehicle or fleet with the experts. Call GSK today, to discuss your chauffeur vehicle insurance.

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