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Although you hope that nothing will go wrong in your work as a cleaner, the reality is that you face a number of risks in your daily work and you need to have the right insurance cover in place so that you’re protected financially. Whether you take on large commercial cleaning contracts or prefer smaller domestic jobs, it’s all too easy to find yourself at the receiving end of a claim. To protect against these risks, the team at GSK Insurance Brokers can make sure you’re covered with one of our personalised insurance packages for cleaners.

Cover to protect your risks

From a third party slipping on your newly cleaned floors to surfaces being damaged thanks to corrosive cleaning products, the unexpected can happen in your work as a cleaner no matter how careful you are. The risks that you face on a daily basis can occur without warning which is why having insurance in place is so important. At GSK Insurance Brokers, our specialist brokers will take the time to analyse the specific needs of your business so all areas of risks are identified and covered with the right insurance package.

When it comes to insurance for cleaners, one of the most important policies that GSK Insurance Brokers will assist you with is Public Liability Insurance. This cover will protect you financially if you cause damage or injury as a result of your actions at work and you’d be surprised at how easily this can happen! In many instances, you’ll also need to provide evidence that you have liability cover in place before you can take on certain jobs which makes liability cover even more essential.

Insurance packages for cleaners

To ensure that your risks as a cleaner are covered, just some of the policies offered by GSK Insurance Brokers include:

GSK Insurance Brokers understand the specific risks you face in your day to day work and will develop a tailored insurance package which offers you the best cover at a competitive price. Whether you own your own business or are a subcontractor, we can advise you on the best policies for your situation and we understand that every cleaning business comes with a unique set of risks.

Professional, friendly service

For insurance for cleaners, the experienced team at GSK Insurance Brokers will make sure all of your risks are fully protected. We focus on the needs of our clients and from tailoring an insurance package to assisting during claim time, we provide regular and consistent service. We have established relationships with Australia’s leading insurers to ensure we’re providing quality products to our clients.

Rather than providing one size fits all insurance solutions, GSK Insurance Brokers take the time to get to know you and your business so an individual insurance strategy can be developed. With our friendly, professional approach and commitment to ongoing customer service, you’re in safe hands with GSK Insurance Brokers.

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