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Good dental care these days involves so much more than simply repairing decayed teeth. Patients now look to their dentists to improve their appearance, and an increasingly long-lived population expects its teeth to go on serving it for far longer than they have really evolved to last. Implant dentistry and other highly complex procedures bring a host of clinical risks that simply didn’t exist in the days when moribund teeth were routinely removed. These risks can have serious consequences for a dental practice, and a carefully designed insurance package is vital.

At GSK our team includes specialists who understand the complexities of the medical malpractice insurance field, and can help clinicians and managers obtain optimum insurance protection for their practices.

Patients have never been more conscious of their legal rights, and they are increasingly litigious in asserting them. Even the most conscientious clinician can find themselves embroiled in lengthy malpractice suits, and while these claims may eventually fail, the costs of defending them are rarely awarded to the clinician, and may seriously damage the practice.

Whether you run a general practice or specialist clinic, at GSK we can provide you with the depth of insurance cover appropriate to your risk profile.

As a clinician, your immediate duty of care is to your patients. By taking care of your insurance arrangements you free yourself to focus on delivering the highest standards of care. GSK will tailor a package to suit your needs, allowing you to give your patients the care they deserve.

Once your insurance is arranged, our relationship continues, as we ensure the regular review of your cover. We make sure that as your practice grows, and as the legal landscape evolves, your insurance cover remains adequate.

GSK Medical & Dental insurance covers you against:

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