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Australia’s retailers are one of our economy’s mainstays and they work hard to build their businesses in an often difficult and competitive marketplace. As you navigate the retail landscape, it’s important that you consider how best to protect yourself to ensure success in the future. Luckily, retail insurance offers a means to address your risk exposures into the future.

At GSK Insurance, we have experts in  insurance who can help you design a risk management strategy that’s perfectly matched for your retail business. We evaluate the risks associated with your business and formulate an insurance solution for optimal protection.

What do you need to know?

At GSK, our expert brokers understand the realities of the retail business. We know from experience that the best insurance cover needs to strike the right balance between insured risk and risk retained in the form of excess, and that this balance will vary from business to business. We pay close attention to the details of your business and construct a risk management strategy that will give you peace of mind that you’re protected financially.

Who should consider it?

Retail businesses generally deal directly with consumers which can have its own set of risks, whether it’s a customer injuring themselves in your store or being harmed by one of your products. There are also risks associated with having a physical location, including malicious acts such as theft or damage to environmental factors such as fire or storm damage. There is also the risk of your business being unable to operate for a range of reasons, such as damage to the store, which can have serious financial implications. If you have employees working for you, you may also need to consider additional workers compensation insurance. As an additional consideration, today’s retailers also increasingly handle private and sensitive information about their customers in digital form and  bear increasing legal responsibility for its safety. Your insurance policy should also protect you from this evolving threat.

What can it cover?

At GSK, we customise your insurance depending on the needs of your business. A retail insurance package from GSK Insurance Brokers can be tailored to include cover for a range of risks, including:

  • Management Liability
  • Public and Product Liability
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Electronic Equipment Breakdown
  • Cyber Insurance, including Third Party data breach
  • Theft and property damage
  • Business interruption

What isn’t covered?

The exclusions that will apply to your retail insurance package will depend on your specific policy and it’s important that you understand the cover limitations. For more information, speak to your GSK broker.

GSK Insurance Brokers lead the industry when it comes to customised insurance packages. We have a dedicated claims team who are committed to making the claims process as easy as possible. We have extensive experience which means we’ll deal directly with the insurer on your behalf, no matter how complex the situation.

To find out more about retail insurance, contact GSK Insurance Brokers today.

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