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Owning a café or restaurant isn’t for the faint hearted – chances are that you’re run off your feet most of the time! Not only do you need to think about the day to day running of your business with food and customers, you also need to consider the potential risks that your business might face. To cover your risks, it’s essential that you have a customised insurance package in place and that’s where GSK Insurance Brokers come in. Our specialist brokers have in depth knowledge of your industry which allows us to analyse and identify your risks to ensure optimal peace of mind.

Ensure your risks are covered

Unfortunately, many café and restaurant owners underestimate the risks associated with your business and this can lead to you being hit hard financially when something does go wrong. The unexpected can happen and we’ve seen how easy it is for businesses to find themselves on the receiving end of a claim. From slips and falls or food poisoning on your premises to issues such as theft or storm damage, there are a number of risks which could occur in your café or restaurant. Luckily, we’re here to work with you to ensure that your risks are adequately protected.

GSK Insurance Brokers don’t just provide generic insurance cover for our clients. We understand that every business is different and provide customised solutions for your café or restaurant. With decades of experience behind us, we know how to assess your risks and identify hazards you may not have even considered so we can ensure ultimate peace of mind with our insurance packages.

Insurance packages for your business

GSK Insurance offer a range of insurance policies to café and restaurant owners to cover a range of risks, including:

If you’re not sure which insurance policies apply to your business, you don’t need to worry. GSK Insurance Brokers can take a look at your situation and come up with an insurance package which covers your individual areas of risk.  Once your insurance is in place, we continue to work with you and review your policies regularly to ensure you continue to receive optimal cover.

Consistent and professional service

If you’ve been looking for café or restaurant business insurance, the professional team at GSK Insurance Brokers can help. We pride ourselves on our friendly, customised approach to customer service and have established relationships with Australia’s leading insurers which means we can give our clients targeted insurance packages at a great price. We offer our clients one point of contact for everything to ensure consistent service and we take the hassle out at claim time by dealing directly with the insurer on your behalf. For more information, speak to one our experienced brokers today!

For café restaurant insurance brokers, contact the team at GSK Insurance Brokers today or fill on our online contact form.

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