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Courier services have grown in the last thirty years to become a major force in the Australian economy. The common business model of self-employed contracting places a variety of risks and liability with the owner-driver.

As a courier driver, you are vulnerable to many hazards that other industries simply don’t even have to contemplate. You will inevitably spend a large proportion of your time on the road, meaning your risk of road traffic mishaps is far greater than the national average. Add to that the need to protect your income in the event of temporary incapacitation, as well as the matter of carriers’ liability, and the case for using an experienced courier insurance broker to safeguard you, your vehicle and your business is crystal clear.

When being mobile is your livelihood there is too much at stake for you to risk not having adequate insurance. A call to GSK’s team of experienced courier insurance brokers sets in motion a process designed to provide you with an all-risks insurance solution precisely tailored to your needs.

Once your cover is arranged, we then ensure that it is regularly reviewed, so that as your business develops your insurance keeps pace with it.

You work hard to grow your courier business – don’t risk its future with inadequate insurance. Protect your future with an all-risks couriers’ insurance package from GSK.

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