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Protecting yourself and your wealth against life’s hazards is a vital step for anyone, but particularly for those with family obligations. A good general insurance policy should provide the optimum trade- off between premium and retained risk, and this will vary according to your particular circumstances. At GSK, we have expert general insurance brokers skilled in creating tailored insurance policies for individuals in all walks of life.

We begin with a thorough assessment of your personal circumstances, which enables us to create your risk profile. We identify the risks you face, and help you determine those you need to insure, and those you wish to retain. Using our unrivalled access to Australian and world insurance markets, we source the cover you need at highly competitive rates.

Risks covered by Personal insurance should include the following:

Life Insurance – for obvious reasons, this is chiefly of interest to those with dependants, and especially so where, for instance, the family home is mortgaged.

Income Protection – particularly when you have dependants, income protection is a highly desirable element of your risk management strategy. A typical Income Protection policy will cover up to 75% of your unimpaired income.

Temporary Disablement – when illness or injury befall you, trauma cover can take the financial anxiety out of your treatment and recovery period by paying a lump sum to help with expenses your private health plan may not cover, such as rehab equipment and home aids.

Permanent Disablement – none of us wants to contemplate suffering an accident or illness that permanently impairs our ability to earn, but it can and does happen, and your insurance arrangements should include provision of a safety- net level of income.

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