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Amy’s business manufactures office chairs and the latest model had a defective part that caused the chair to give way. This resulted in numerous claims of personal injury made against Amy and her business, to great expense.

Geoff’s catering business supplies a contaminated batch of chicken at a function and causes a Salmonella outbreak, resulting in multiple attendees getting sick and making a claim against Geoff and his business.

Luckily for Amy and Geoff, they have public and products liability insurance.

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance is designed for businesses that operate in public spaces or interact with customers, clients or members of the public. In essence, public liability insurance protects your business from all legal liabilities and defence relating to third party claims of personal injury or property damage resulting from (or claiming to result from) your business activities or negligence.
In real terms, this means that if someone was injured, or property was damaged, whilst you were providing a service, any legal costs resulting from a claim would be covered by your public liability insurance. This includes any costs to investigate, defend or settle third party claims, as well as compensation for the injured party.

What is products liability insurance?

Products liability insurance is designed for businesses that supply a product to clients, customers or members of the public. Like with public liability insurance, products liability insurance protects against all third party legal liability claims of personal injury or property damage caused by (or claiming to be caused by) products you have sold or supplied.

Products liability insurance will protect your business in case a product that you have supplied has malfunctioned, failed or caused harm. This includes a wide range of scenarios including, but not limited to, damage or injury caused by software or equipment that you supply which are defective due to a manufacturing error or a defective design.

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Products liability insurance is usually combined with public liability insurance into one policy and covers any claims made by external parties (not claims made by employees) in both the workplace and other incident locations.

Do I need Public and Products Liability Insurance?

Although public and product liability insurance is optional in many cases, we strongly recommend that all businesses that interact with or supply products to the public, or operate in public spaces, take out a public and products liability insurance policy.

Accidents are unpredictable and can happen in every line of work. In any business that supplies a service or a product to the public there is always the potential for things to go wrong, no matter how safe they may appear. It is always better to be safe than sorry as legal claims can be incredibly expensive. Even in cases where you are not at fault and you only require legal defence for a claim made against you, you can incur significant costs.

Without cover, legal implications can have devastating effects both personally and professionally. Public and products liability insurance will protect you and your business against actual negligence and allegations of negligence. Having public and products liability insurance gives you a safety net just in case anything were to go wrong, allowing you to work confidently with the knowledge that you are protected from financial risk.

Why choose GSK Insurance Brokers?

Here at GSK Insurance Brokers we understand that choosing the right insurance for you and/or your business can be a complex and sometimes confusing matter. As one of Australia’s leading insurance brokers, we have a well established foothold in the insurance industry and can offer you a reputable, knowledgeable and trusted service.

Our specialist knowledge of Public and Products Liability will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are protected against any legal liability claims from third parties that may arise from your business activities or products. By carefully analysing your particular needs and identifying all the potential risks to you and/or your business, we are specialists at tailoring solutions to provide the right level of cover to meet your unique requirements.

With our experience and detailed knowledge, our team of insurance brokers will work tirelessly to take the time, stress and difficulty out of finding the right public and products liability insurance for you. We understand that it is important for you to have an insurance broker who you can trust and who understands the unique nature of your business needs. We will discuss any specific requirements you may have and explain the policy in detail, ensuring that you are happy with the level of cover, exclusions and amendments specific to your business requirements.

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